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日時  2018年11月5日(月) 16:40~18:10

場所:  政策研究大学院大学 1階 想海樓ホール

講演者: Dr. Kay Firth-Butterfield氏(世界経済フォーラムAI・機械学習プロジェクト長)

演題:  誰が、もしくは何が、AIを管理すべきか

言語:  英語(日本語同時通訳付き)





 英国の法廷弁護士および前非常勤裁判官。米国では法律および国際関係学教授を務めてきた。ケンブリッジ大学リバーヒューム未来知能研究センターアシエイトフェロー。テキサス大学Robert S. Strauss Center for International Security and Lawフェロー。自律インテリジェントシステムの倫理に関するIEEEグローバルイニシアチブ副議長。AI-Austin、AI-Global、人工知能とロボティクスの法およびポリシーに関するコンソーシアム共同創設者。Robohubが選ぶロボティクス界で活躍する女性トップ25(2017年)のひとり、およびAI倫理分野で最も輝いている女性10人(2018年)のひとりに選ばれている。






We are pleased to inform you that a “GRIPS Forum” will be held as follows.


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Date: 5 November (MON), 2018

Time: 16:40-18:10

Venue: GRIPS Soukairou Hall, 1st Floor

Speaker: Dr. Kay Firth-Butterfield, Head, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, World Economic Forum LLC

Theme: Who or what should govern AI?

Language: English (Japanese simultaneous interpretation provided)


AI has the potential to radically change our lives for good. We need to encourage innovation to bring the technology to that goal. Equally the technology has shown that it has considerable ethical difficulties when applied to the wrong data sets, created in the wrong way and using data which was thought to be personal. This talk will explore these issues and as is governance necessary and if it is who or what should govern AI.


Speaker’s Profile:

Barrister-at-Law and former Part-Time Judge, United Kingdom. In the US, has been a Professor of Law and International Relations. Associate Fellow, Centre for the Future of Intelligence, University of Cambridge; Fellow, Robert E. Strauss Center on international Security and Law, University of Texas. Vice-Chair, IEEE Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems. Co-founded AI-Austin, AI-Global and the Consortium for Law and Policy of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Named one of the top 25 Women in Robotics, Robohub (2017) and one of the 10 most brilliant women in AI ethics (2018)


*** GRIPS Forum ***

Since its establishment in 1997, the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), as the only graduate school in Japan specializing in policy research, has promoted education and research on a wide range of policy issues.

Utilizing our vast policy network, this Forum invites leaders from various fields including government, academia and business, as well as staff from our own faculty, to deliver lectures on current policy concerns.

The Forum welcomes attendance of GRIPS faculty and students as well as participants from outside the university. Simultaneous interpretation will be available (Japanese/English).


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