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Summer Camp

Summer Camp has been organized annually by one of the six SciREX core universities with a topic of the year as below. It is a few days-program that can be participated by any university students/researchers/policy makers. The outline and the call for applications for the 2018 version can be obtained here.

The 2018 Camp was held at GRIPS from August 28-30 being participated by 157 people, including students and faculty members from the SciREX core universities as well as non-SciREX core universities, MEXT officials, and MEXT-related organization members. The 2018 theme "STI and Society in 2030" was discussed in groups under the following sub-themes:

- Evidence development for the 8th S&T Basic Plan in 2030
- A forecast of Japanese universities in 2030: Future roles and demands
- How to meet Japan’s Energy Target for 2030
- Japan’s Space Policy: International Space Station (ISS) and Space Exploration after 2025
- Achieving an Evidence-Based Sustainable Medical Welfare Policy
- ELSI and Governance Issues in Developing Innovation Policy – Introduction of New Biotechnology in Society
- SDGs and Science Technology and Innovation
- Big data analytics: visualizing the present and future by linking STI data

Each of the above groups received lectures from the experts, made site visits to relevant practitioners at various institutions on the topic, and then devoted to focused discussions. The final presentations they made before the Camp adjourned were evaluated by the evaluation committee members and were given with the following awards:

Best Award
Best Presentation Award
Bureaucrat Award
Faculty Award
Student Award

A brief summary report from the Summer Camp-2018 can be obtained here.


 Year  Organized by                      Topic     Venue
 2018  GRIPS  STI and Society towards 2030  GRIPS
 2017  GRIPS  STI Scenario in 2030  GRIPS
 2016  Hitotsubashi U.  Recovery from Disaster and STI Policy  Matsushima
 2015  U. of Tokyo  STI and Industrialization  Inuyama
 2014  Osaka/Kyoto U.  Demographic Map in 2045  Awaji
 2013  GRIPS  Large-scale Research Projects  Tsukuba
 2012  Kyushu U.    Kyushu U.

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