SciREX does

SciREX provides [TRAINING], conducts [RESEARCH], collects and analyzes data [OUTCOME & RESOURCES], and maintains and develops [NETWORKS] with all the stakeholders, including scientists, industries, politicians, and general public by holding discussion meetings, seminars, forums and workshops.

The development of science, technology and innovation these days is so fast and complex to catch up with, bearing many issues that cannot be solved with traditional value standards. To deal with this, we first need a multi-faceted analyses of the issues, conduct various research on how to solve the problems, discuss them with all concerned, and come up with evidence-based policies. SciREX goes through all these processes in close cooperation with 5 core centers, government entities, politicians, industries, citizens and others.

SciREX Program Members

  • GiST
  • STIG
  • IMPP
  • CRDS
  • MEXT