2. Funding

Competition-based FUNDING Program


SciREX provides competition-based annual funding for such projects that carry new analytic methodologies, models, data-systematization tools and aggregate indicators that contribute to making evidence-based Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policies. The award size varies, depending on the allocation of the year for the program.


The call for proposals and the review are administered by the Research Institute for Science and Technology and Society (RISTEX) . A sample announcement is here.


Prof. Akira MORITA, Tsuda University, expertise in policy for population and social welfare, manages the competition-based funding, including making the final decision of the awardees. He is joined by 10 advisers in making the decision. The review is made through mail, panel, and interview.


The awardees and projects carried from JFY2011-JFY2017 (with no call for proposals in JFY2015) are shown by year (JFY: Japanese Fiscal Year: April-March next year). The SciREX Center is responsible for the translation of the awardees' and projects' information.



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