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SciREX Participation

The organizations and individuals involved in the SciREX program are illustrated in the chart. The SciREX Center, established at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), coordinates the whole SciREX activities.

The Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society (RISTEX) administers the annual competition-based funding for SciREX program.

Six universities: the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), the University of Tokyo, Hitotsubashi University, Osaka University & Kyoto University, and Kyushu University are SciREX member universities (see EDUCATION). They convene regularly to exchange information with each carrying out its own SciREX activities.

The National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP) : The STI data collected, analyzed and reported by NISTEP become resources for SciREX.

The Center for the Research and Development Strategy (CRDS): functions like a public think-tank for forming Japanese Science, Technology and Innovation policies. CRDS oversees the SciREX program. It also collects and shares with SciREX the STI policy news from other countries.

Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Ministries & Agencies: All the Japanese government ministries and agencies that have STI activities form a network and participate in the SciREX program through SciREX liaisons.

Science Council for Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (CSTI) is the Japanese government science, technology and policy making body. SciREX often conducts research or holds seminars in cooperation with CSTI.

Politicians, General public, Scientists, Industries and other stakeholders: STI policy-concerned individuals participate in SciREX activities, including seminars.



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