2. SciREX is
  3. Evaluation


The first mid-term evaluation was held in 2015, five years since the inception of the SciREX program. A summary evaluation is as follows.



  • ・Human resources training and networking are developing.
  • ・The collected data and analytical methodologies are contributing to making policies in Japan.

Challenges and Direction:

  • ・The research results and human resources need to be integrated. Networking should be strengthened. These efforts will help the program solve critical issues and contribute to making evidence-based policies.
  • ・Diversity and various possibilities should be taken into consideration in solving critical issues.
  • ・Why the program was established needs to be reminded from time to time.
  • ・Human resources training and expansion of networks remain to be essential.
  • ・Academic contents need to be established to train future science policy makers.
  • ・Data and information base and competition-based funding should continue to be developed.
  • ・The SciREX Center should build up its role as the hub of the SciREX program.

External Evaluators:

  • ・Norkio ARAI, Professor, National Institute of Informatics
  • ・Tomohiro ICHIJI, Professor, Seijo University
  • ・Kazuo KITAHARA, Professor, Tokyo University of Science
  • ・Yoshifumi YASUOKA, Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo

SciREX Program Members

  • GiST
  • STIG
  • IMPP
  • CRDS
  • MEXT