Site Policy

Site Policy

Use of this website or the data on this website This website is managed by the policy below. The users are to agree this policy when they access and use this website.

1.Exemption of Liabilities

Science for RE-designing Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (SciREX herein after) pays utmost attention to the use of the information on this website. However, this does not mean to guarantee the security when in use and reliability of the information on this website. Also, the information on this website may be altered or stopped without any prior notice. SciREX will not bear any responsibilities on the damages born on the users caused by the use of the website or the contents of or change in the documents. Further, SciREX will not be responsible for the contents of any websites offered by the organizations linked to this website.


The source should be made clear when the documents and data on this website are used. When the documents and data on the website are the results of cooperative efforts with other organizations, all the sources should be described.

3.Change of the Data

Any data on this website should not be used "after change." "Change" means any kinds of behavior that significantly damages the original information, including changing the proportions in and deleting parts of the figures, charts, and videos, and changing and reversing the colors.


This website can be linked, subject that it is clearly mentioned that it is a link to "SciREX." The following behavior is banned.

  • - Link to such websites that violate public order and morality
  • - Any link that is possible to minimize the image and credibility of SciREX and to damage the rights of any individuals and organizations
  • - Any behavior that the contents or pages of this website are seen as if they are part of the linked websites (an example is to copy the whole or part of a page of this website to other websites).

SciREX Program Members

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