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This is a brief summary translation of the report on URA in Japan in Japanese

Six years have passed since the University Research Administrator (URA) system was introduced to Japan. As the job was new to the universities, the URAs had difficulties in identifying their presence within the university systems when they took the URA positions. They have, however, gradually found the areas they can be active, including designing research support systems and supporting to obtain research funds. Also, it took time, but the university members gradually learned what the URAs do. Nonetheless, the faculty members are still complaining that they do not have sufficient research support, while the intent of establishing a URA system was to lighten the faculty members' burdens consumed for administrative work. This may be improved by reviewing URA roles.

This paper begins with the birth of URAs in Japan followed by a review on the job URAs are active, and analyzes the interview results to finally come up with the challenges in the future.


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