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+DII Seminar: Global Trends and Challenges of Social Impact Investment

SciREX Center

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Social Impact Investment both to solve social challenges and to make profits is attracting attention these days. To attain SDGs, the estimated social impact investment in Japan was 344 billion yen in 2018, 5 times of last year. Nonetheless, Japan's investment in social impact remains just a small portion in the world. When the content of the investment is broken down, the main investment is made on the industries developing in emerging countries and only little for long-term support of unliested companies, including startups. To have the Japanese impact funds to develop overseas and support Japanese copanies, we need to know the on-site risk information, network and impact evaluation.

We are going to invite social impact investors from The Aavishkaar Group and Patamar Capital who have over 15 years of experience in this field. They will introduce us the global trends in impact investment and share successful cases. We would also like to discuss together with the audience the possibilities and roles of the impact investment to create innovation and lead to attain the SDGs.


Akira Satoh:
After graduating from The University of Tokyo with a BL in 2007, Akira began his career at Daiwa SMBC. Following that, he joined UBS. During his time at both investment banks, Akira worked on many diverse M&A transactions. Beginning in 2012, He has been involved in large-cap reorganizations and cross border acquisitions, as well as venture deals at Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ). He currently serves as a director at the firm. Over the past few years, Akira has been exploring a new opportunity of new type of global impact investing to be driven by Japan, building reliable relationships with global established impact fund managers.

Vineet Rai:
Vineet Rai is the Founder of Aavishkaar group and chairs its Group Executive Council.
Aavishkaar Group is an Impact Investment Platform impacting millions of people in Asia and Africa through its interventions while managing assets in excess of US $ 1 Billion.
Vineet’s philosophy is to build ecosystem for Impact Investing to deliver the Aavishkaar Group vision“Bridging the Opportunity Group for the Emerging 3 Billion”. Vineet believes that Impact Investing has the potential to change the world of finance irreversibly and will play a pivotal role in delivering Sustainable Development Goals. In line with his belief, The Aavishkaar Group vision is to establish itself across Asia and Africa and scale its own assets under management to US $ 7 Billion of outstanding by 2025.

Beau Seil:
Beau Seil is a Co-Founder and Partner of Patamar Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm investing in financial services companies and tech-enabled distribution platforms serving the “mass market” in South and Southeast Asia.
With investments in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam, Patamar is also evaluating investments in other markets such as Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Thailand.

As a Patamar co-founder, Beau has led and continues to manage the firm’s expansion into new geographic markets. He is on the board of Patamar portfolio companies Kalibrr and mClinica, and he has been instrumental in integrating a gender-lens across the firm’s operations and investment strategy.

Date & Time

Wednesday, November 6, 2019


National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)
3F Conference Room 3C


English-Japanese (Simultaneous interpretation)


SciREX Center

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