2. SciREX does
  3. Research

Government-designated, Non-competitive RESEARCH


SciREX program is tasked to conduct research on such subjects that are critical to be solved and were articulated as the issues in the Japanese Government's 5th cycle (JFY2016-2020) of the 5-year Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Plan (issued by the Council for STI Policy-CSTI). Of the nine critical issues, five projects are run at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS). The remaining four are pursued at the other SciREX member universities. The SciREX program at GRIPS is called the SciREX Center and functions as the hub of the program. The SciREX Center leadership chart illustrates how the five projects are carried.


The research focuses on how the STI researchers and the policy makers communicate at an early stage of the STI development process for the critical issues so as to bear an effective output efficiently.



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