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+Call for Applications for Postdoc Position: Deadline-July 12

SciREX Center

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Center for Science for RE-designing Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (SciREX)
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)
Recruitment of Postdoctoral Fellows
1. Position:
Position:     Postdoctoral Fellow
Work hour:  Full-time (*Full-time is desired, but Part-time is negotiable)
Number of people to be hired:  A few
2. Deadline:
Friday, July 12, 2019
The recruitment process will begin upon the arrival of application materials. The interview date and time will be notified to those who pass the paper review. The recruitment will end when the position is filled in.
3. Starting Date:
As early as possible after October 1, 2019. The date is negotiable.
4. Tenure:
Until March 31, 2021 with a possibility of renewal for up to 3 years from the time of employment
5. Place:
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)
7-22-1, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo   106-8677
6. Job Description:
To be involved in a wide range of survey and research related to STI policy at the SciREX Center, while focusing on one of the SciREX projects : “Examination of ‘Foresight and Impact Analysis Method’ in Emerging and Interdisciplinary Science Fields and Formation of Networks” project. This project will multifacetedly grasp the impacts expected to be brought by the emerging and interdisciplinary research areas, identify the evidence that will lead to policy formation, and work on the policymaking process. The postdoc fellow is expected to do the following:

  i.  Consolidate and systematize “Foresight and Impact Analysis Method”
 ii.  Prove (establishment and trial of prototype) the “Foresight and Impact Analysis Method” and come up with the issues in implementing the policy using the method
iii.  Establish networks with the relevant researchers and policymakers through the project.

Thus, the fellow is required to pursue the research through interdisciplinary and practical approach in cooperation with non-researchers like policymakers and others concerned.
Please note that the postdoc fellow may be asked to be involved in other SciREX projects, depending on the experience and interest of the fellow.
7. Remuneration:
Up to Yen 364,000 per month plus commutation fee for up to Yen 55,000
8. Requirements:

 i.   Academic degree: Postdoctoral fellow who obtained Ph.D. within the past 6 years
ii.   Expertise: No specific academic fields, but be able to be involved in research related to Science, Technology and Innovation policy.

*It is desirable, if the applicant is interested in conducting research on STI policy or has experience in doing research in the field, regardless of the applicant’s academic major in natural sciences, engineering, or social science and human literature.

*Examples of the research areas and topics include Science and Technology Studies (STS), Innovation Studies, Foresight Activities, Indicators and Measurement of Science, Technology and Innovation, Evaluation of Social and Economic Impact, Ethical-Legal-Social Issues (ELSI) of Science and Technology, and Responsible Research and Innovation.
9. Materials to be Submitted:

  i. Curriculum Vitae, including
     -   Your photo, name, birth year-month-date, address, job history, telephone number to be contacted during day time, and E-mail address
     -   Education history should include high school and later
     -   The day of a week and hours, if part-time work is desired.

 ii. List of the research accomplished and job in the past
iii. Free writing : one-pager on A4 size paper, including:
     -   Critical issues STI policy should deal with
     -    Ambitions for the postdoc job

10. Screening Method:
Interviews will follow paper reviews. The interview appointment will be set up by the telephone number or e-mail address on the application materials
11. Application Materials to be Sent to:
The materials for 9 should be post-mailed to or e-mailed to the address under 12 below. If post-mailed, write “SciREX Center Postdoc Application” in RED on the envelope. We will not return the application materials, and be responsible to shred the materials after the decision is made.
12. Address and Contact information:
Human Resources Unit
Organization Management Division
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)
7-22-1, Roppongi
Minato-ku, Tokyo
JAPAN   106-8677
E-mail: boshu@grips.ac.jp

13. Privacy policy
The private information we receive will be used solely for the purpose of recruitment and not be used for any other purposes. The information for the successful applicants will be kept with us as the employee record. Please refer to the GRIPS homepage at http://www.grips.ac.jp/en/single/privacy_policy/ for the GRIPS privacy policy.


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