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+Call for Applications for SciREX Internship Program

SciREX Center

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SciREX Center invites applicants for its internship program. If you are interested in evidence-based policymaking, this would be a tremendous opportunity to put hands on the research. You will have opportunities to talk with policymakers and researchers in the relevant fields. You can apply by writing to scirex-center@grips.ac.jp using the application form below. See the details below. Also refer to the description in Japanese at https://scirex.grips.ac.jp/news/archive/180522_1064.html
FOR Undergraduate and graduate students interested in research on evidence-based policymaking
DURATION May 2018 through March 2019 (application deadline is February end 2019)
VENUE SciREX Center @National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)
7-22-1, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo  106-8677
TIME Sometime between 1000-1800 (to be negotiable)
SKILLS Depends on the SciREX project; See below for details** and identify which one you fit.
MUST To report the research/survey results to the project leaders/staff members; 70 hours of work required to have a certificate of completion for the internship
PAY Yen 1,100/hour for non-Ph.D. students; Yen 1,300 for Ph.D. students
Plus commuting expenses
2-weeks lodging costs will be provided if it is difficult to commute to GRIPS
APPLICATION Write to scirex-center@grips.ac.jp by filling in the attached
SELECTION Paper+Interview
PAST PARTICIPANTS   In 2017, students from the University of Tokyo, Hitotsubashi University, Kyushu University, Shiga University worked as interns.
PRIVACY The information provided to the SciREX Center will be used solely for the application for the internship program and not to be used for any other purposes. SciREX Center will be responsible to destroy the application materials after the decision is made.
** - the projects that accept interns:

1. Measurement of STI’s economic and societal effects
Specialty: Information engineering, bibliometrics, economics, business administration
Interns are required to: (A) Connection and consolidation of databases; (B) Economic analysis model using databases; and (C) participation in periodical meetings
Skills required: experience in quantitative analyses (R, Stata, EViews); programming language (Python, Java, Ruby, C, Fortran)

2. Identification and improvement of the issues with the public research institutions that promote innovation systems
Specialty: Not specified, but interest in STI policy, higher education policy, scientometrics helps
Interns are required to: One of more of the following: (A) Identification of issues to be solved at Japanese higher education policies and university management through analyzing the strategic plans and financial data at foreign institutions; (B) Analyses of surveys on strategic themes like research in interdisciplinary fields, research papers, researchers’ CVs; (C) Analyses of university specifics based on education, research and financial data at the institutions and their strategy formation; and (D) Assistance for translating papers and news on strategies and policies at universities overseas
Desired: to have interest in higher education policies, S&T policies, and university management
Skills required: Not specified, but helps if the applicant has experience in analyzing basic statistical data using R, SPSS, and Stata, knowledge of programming language like Python, analyzing data on papers, and English language capability (translating English to Japanese)
3. Measurement of the relationship between STI and Society
Specialty: Not specified, but helps if the applicant has knowledge about STI policies, S&T and Society, and surveys
Summary of the project: (A) Visualizing and making draft index on “STI and Society”; (B) International joint survey (Mobilization of Resources for Public Engagement with Science and Technology: MORE-PE); (C) Micro data analysis on the factors that drive career pass in STI fields and advance scientific literacy
Interns are required to: assist (A)-(C) above. Other than the analytical work for (A)-(C), preparation of materials for workshops and conferences and others associated in carrying out the project are expected to be done; participation in research meetings and discussions. Please specify which one of (A)-(C) you are interested in.
Skills required: Helps if the applicant has experience of using statistical software like R, database like Access, SQL, text analyses, Web scraping technologies; essential to collect data in English in case s/he is involved in international joint surveys and collection of overseas information
4, How to establish strategic policy scenario that will solve nationally critical issues
Specialty: Not specified, but helps if the applicant has interest in “Inclusive Innovation” and SDGs
Interns are required to: produce and sort out earlier studies and literature review on “Inclusive Innovation”; collect examples of “Inclusive Innovation” in Japan and list them up
Skills required: Ability to read materials in English and to produce reviews


SciREX Program Members

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